IBM is a global leader in the area of IT services, including consulting.

Our vision is to make the world “smarter” – starting from more efficient energy production, through reduction of environmental pollution, up to the creation of better communication systems. We help the victims of natural catastrophes, fight famine, provide a chance for better education to billions of people and help create smarter cities all over the world.

IBM offers you a large number of career opportunities. Various projects. Diverse clients. Anyone can choose their role according to their qualification and interests.


Success of our clients

We, the IBMers…

  • build long-term and strong relationships with our clients. We are committed to do our best for our clients.
  • we are result-oriented. We provide products, services and solutions that help our clients succeed.
  • we are fully devoted to our clients, both large corporations or government agencies and small companies.
  • each of us has a share in our clients’ success.
Innovation – for us and for the whole world

We, the IBMers…

  • think progressively. We believe that the combination of intelligence, reason and science will improve business, society and living conditions.
  • love big challenges as well as small improvements. We always strive to approach any problems creatively and innovatively.
  • we want to be a leader – in technologies, business as well as social responsibility policies.
  • we accept reasonable risk and promote new (sometimes unpopular) ideas.
Trust and personal responsibility in every relationship

We, the IBMers…

  • actively build relationships with everyone involved in our business – clients, partners, communities, investors and colleagues.
  • we win trust by listening, seeing things through and sticking to our word.
  • we rely on each other.
  • we maintain trust even after our business relationship is terminated.

Join IBM and we will help you steer your career in the right direction.

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